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Thematic story about New York in Pictures

Thematic story about New York in Pictures

Walking in New York, I always had the feeling that I was already here. I have many times seen its streets and buildings. I was not surprised by his police and yellow taxis. Statue of Liberty "as usual" staring into the distance. New York - the "removable" city in the world. Where the action is half Golivudskih films ...

In New York, I spent 2 nights. My hotel was located on Broadway, right on Times Square, and despite the time difference (in Moscow, it was already 5 am), I vypersya at night walk around the hotel. At 9 pm, Broadway looked like an anthill teeming with little people. Someone in a hurry, someone walking and someone is just standing there with his mouth open and gaping at the sides. Everything was exactly as I imagined it to be. Except one. Periodically, my obanyanie made ​​me pinch your nose, as he hit a sharp and nasty smell. Same as in cheap areas in Hong Kong or Alexandria. But I did not expect to feel it here in the civilized New York City, at its very heart, in Times Square. However, to begin to acquaint you with the Manhattan I want from a short excursion into its history and geography. In the far distant past, this island, located at the mouth of the Hudson River, was inhabited by Indians of the Delaware. In 1626, the year of the land bought from them and the Dutch built a city here - New Amsterdam. Manhattan them cost about $ 24! Now this same land is estimated at 50 billion dollars. Hmm, not a bad investment.
The island is elongated and is built square-cluster method. Top-down stretch long avenues (a total of 12), and across it crosses a lot of "straights" (110 Street). Against the backdrop of skyscrapers stretching up, they look quite narrow (2 lanes in each direction). Diagonally across the island is located Broadway - the main and the longest street in America. It begins in the south, near Wall Street, and ends near the Canadian border! heart of Manhattan is a small extension of Broadway, called Times Square. This area is famous for the huge amount of advertising. She is often shown in films. Here are the major Broadway theaters and studios televizinyye MTV, NBC, ABC and many others:
It is so small that it is impossible to distinguish from the top of skyscrapers:
The area attracts not only advertising, but extravagant and actors willing to take a picture with you for five bucks:
Speaking of Manhattan, one can not talk about skyscrapers. If you think that New York - it's solid skyscrapers, then you are mistaken. They pile into 2-parts: Times Square and Wall Street, that is in the middle of the island and on its southern tip. That's kind of a handful of South skyscrapers. Slightly to the right of the Statue of Liberty is visible:
That's how they look from the Ocean:
And it's kind to the north of the island, much of which is the famous "Central Park". Incidentally, the area it is larger than the kingdom of Monaco ! But I will tell you about it a bit below:
Many buildings are familiar to us on film. However, the most famous and stand out Empire State Building (King Kong), Chrysler Building (LADA) and the Rockfeller Center (just in front of him put on Christmas tree and fill in the famous skating rink). On the roof you can climb them and take pictures of the panorama of the city. Chrysler Building:
Rockfeller building:
The tallest building in New York - Empire State Building. Its roof - is very popular among tourists. In order for it to rise, it is necessary to defend a long line. I took it 1 hour and 15 minutes. On three different elevators, I got to the very spire on 102nd floor:
Previously, the highest building of the tower were twins, destroyed September 11, 2001 the year the air attacks of terrorists. Now on this spot erected two new towers that adorn Manhattan in 2012 to the year. So far, the construction site looks like this:
Near them, on the southern tip of the island, located the well-known Wall Street - the financial center of the world. Here is the New York Stock Exchange:
Another symbol of Wall Street - Bull sculpture. It is very popular among tourists and to get to it is very difficult:
Moreover, photographed with a bull on all sides. Judging from the polished parts of his carcass, poses basically the same:
Near the park snack stock traders:
Wall Street rests on the Trinity Church. If you watched "National Treasure" with Nicolosi Cage, you'll know it. It is in the basement of this church have been found great treasures:
So we got to the southernmost point of the island and ended up in Battery Park:
One of the best photos of tourists
From here ferries to the Statue of Liberty. The ferry is about 15 minutes, but to get on it, you stand at the entrance, turn on obshmon things and then turn to board the ship. In total, this all takes about 2-hours of exhausting and frightening:
Already on board are starting to take off approaching the statue:
After landing on the island, I quickly took the picture from the category of "Here was I," and stood in line to board the ship back. Not sure what this picture was worth 3:00 of time, but what's done is done:
If the southern half of the island gustozapolnena people and bustle, the northern calm and distinguished. Everything here revolves around Central Park. Here are the most expensive apartments and live weight of famous people - Harrison Ford, Robert Redford, Bruce Willis action in New York. Penthouse overlooking Central Park will cost you 2 million dollars for the room. Flats are from 5 to 35-room ... on the roof of the house on the outskirts of the park, in the turret znimali famous "ghost Hunters":
And some of the porch was shot and killed John Lennon:
Everything here is steeped in history and celebrities. Around the park are the most expensive hotels. Each of them tries to outdo the other. For example, in every room of the Ritz-Carlton is on the telescope, to observe the wildlife of Central Park and the neighboring houses nearby:
The geographical center of Manhattan is just next to the hotel and it looks like this:
In New York, not only expensive apartments, and parking spaces:
Many manhettentsev never was and never will be his car. They've never eaten at McDonald's Drive Thru. To get around the city they use yellow taxi, flooding all the avenues and streets:
Inside, the driver is separated from the passengers with a thick plastic. All taxis are equipped with "touchscreen", where you can watch your movement on the map and watch different channels:
In addition to taxis in the city attract attention to themselves and police cars:
They are very funny in a "turn on call" in the city center, as well as a taxi:
As they wait for their turn to go to the call manager, all washed down with munch donuts and their coffee. In general, Americans - a "snack nation." The so-called snacks can be bought on every corner. They chew everywhere: in the subway, taxi, walking slowly and even a call. Pay attention to this ambulance. She raced with the siren turned on and beacons, and the passenger at the time was finishing his burger quietly:
The next day we flew to Orlando, Florida, and loaded on our cruise ship. Now I sit on the balcony of his cabin and looked into the distance on the emerald waters of the Caribbean Sea. Tomorrow we arrive in Mexico , and I go to the ruins of the ancient Mayan city, bathe in the sea and try to take pictures under water. This will be my first experience of underwater photography. The results will show in the near future.
PS Judging by the storm of comments, I realized that I overdid it with the processing. Accept criticism. In the future I will not abuse. However, I want to try to explain "where his feet are growing." The fact that the conditions for filming in New York are not the easiest. Tall skyscrapers + sun create very contrasting lighting. This means that half of the frame in a picture all black (the one in the shade), and the other is very light. For this reason, do not cheat polyarik. In order to "pull" part of the black band and I used this effect on a couple of shots and then got carried away and decided to stylize and all the other pictures in this vein, which was the fatal mistakeSmile Do not kick much. I promise to fix it! Author:
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