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carnivore software ppt

Predator, later renamed DCS1000, was a system implementedby the Federal Bureau of investigation, which was designed to monitor email and electronic communications. He used a custom packet Analyzer, which can monitor all Internet traffic tothe target user. Carnivore was implemented in October 1997 to2005, he was replaced by an improved commercial software,such as NarusInsight.

Predator has grown out of the previous draft of the FBI called "Omnivores", which itself replaced an old observation, carried over from the United States NAVY, FBI Director, integrity andconsistency, Patrick w. Kelley, who had an undisclosed the name.In September 1998, the interception of data the technical division of the FBI (DITU) in Quantico, Virginia, has been runninga project on migration of vseâdnoe from the Sun Solaris operating system on the Windows NT platform. This was done to facilitate the miniaturization of the system and support awide range of personal computer (PC) hardware. The migration project was named "Phiple Troenix" and as a result, the systemwas named "predator".

Carnivore system was Microsoft Windows-based workstationwith packet sniffing software and a removable Jazz drive. This computer must be physically installed at an Internet service provider (ISP) or in a place where he can "sniff" traffic on thelocal network segment to view e-mail messages in transit. The technology itself was not highly developed, he used a standardpacket Analyzer and do simple filtering. The essential components of the operation were the filtering criteria. To accurately match the appropriate complex models material had been prepared. An independent technical review of theCarnivore Department of Justice was prepared in 2000.

The Dispute
Several groups have expressed concern about theimplementation, use and possible abuses of Carnivore. In July2000, the Electronic Frontier Foundation submitted a statement to the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Committee on thejudiciary United States House of representatives in detail about the dangers of such a system. The Electronic Privacy Information Center also release several releases dealing with it.

The FBI countered these concerns with statements, stressing the target-able nature of Carnivore. Assistant FBI Director DonaldKerr was quoted as saying:

Karnivor device works just like commercial "sniffers" and othernetwork diagnostic tools used by ISPs every day, except that itprovides the FBI with a unique ability to distinguish betweencommunications which may be lawfully intercepted and those which cannot. For example, if a court order provides for thelawful interception of one type of communication (e.g. e-mail),but excludes all other messages (for example, Internet shopping) instrument Karnivor can be configured to intercept only thoseemails to be transferred either to or from the named object.

... [It's] a very specialized network Analyzer or "sniffer" whichruns as an application program on a personal computer runningthe Microsoft Windows operating system. It works by "sniffing"the proper portions of network packets and copying and storingonly those packets which match a finely defined filter setprogrammed in accordance with the decision of the Court. Thisset of filters can be very challenging, and it gives the FBI pickinggear boxes that correspond with a pen register orders, trap andtrace court orders, title III interception orders, etc. ...

... It is important to distinguish now what is meant by "sniffing".The problem of distinction between users on the Internetdifficult. However, this is exactly what a predator does. It does not search through the content of every message and collect those that contain certain key words like "bomb" or "drugs". Itselects messages based on criteria directly in court, for example,messages sent to or from a specific account or to or from a particular user.

After prolonged negative coverage in the press, the FBI changed the name of its system from "Carnivore" to the more benign-sounding "DCS1000." DCS reportedly stands for "DigitalCollection System"; The system has the same functions asbefore.

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